Why We Must Declassify Soleimani Intelligence Now

Why We Must Declassify Soleimani Intelligence Now

The Intelligence Donald Trump used to justify striking Iranian General Soleimani must be declassified right now!

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The entire crisis in the Middle East that seems to be resolving itself right now started when Donald Trump ordered the assassination of the number three official in the Iranian government. He has no legal authority to do that, under the Constitution and under US law, unless he can prove that he did so to stop a far more destructive and imminent attack against Americans or American interests. It’s why initially Mike Pompeo said that we attacked General Soleimani because of an eminent attack. But now, it turns out, a few members of Congress have seen the intelligence and are calling for it to be completely declassified. Representative Seth Moulton this morning on CNN said Americans deserve to see him what was – and what was not – in the intelligence that Trump used. It sounds like Trump had no justification whatsoever, but did this attack on Soleimani to derail discussion about impeachment. If that’s the case, it should be an entirely new article of impeachment itself. if Trump took the world to the edge of war just to help himself avoid impeachment, there must be rapid and immediate consequences

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