The rich biodiversity beneath Singapore’s Pulau Jong | The Islands That Made Us

The rich biodiversity beneath Singapore's Pulau Jong | The Islands That Made Us

During spring tide, the water level at Pulau Jong can drop over 3m in just six hours, revealing a massive reef six times larger than the island. Volunteers log all the marine species they can find, until the land is reclaimed by the sea.

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ABOUT THE SHOW: Up till the 1970s, Singapore’s southern islands had vibrant island communities with unique identities. But today, names like Pulau Tekukor and Pulau Seringat have become largely unfamiliar to Singaporeans. Likewise, while reclamation has increased Singapore’s land area by 25% in the last 200 years, some islands like Pulau Seking have been merged with other islands, and their names are now confined to history. But there is still much to be learnt from the 40-plus islands that make up Singapore today, and the people passionate about them.
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