Insinkerator Evolution Select Plus 3/4 Horse Power Garbage Disposal How to Assemble and Install

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In this video I will show you how to Install the Insinkerator Evolution Select Plus 3/4 Horse power garbage disposal! This is in my opinion the Cadillac of garbage disposals and Its very easy to install!

It comes with a 6 yr in home warranty, Stainless steel blades and insides, a Extra quiet motor with multiple speeds for grinding the toughest foods, Its compact and quiet and lasts a very long time.

Its one of my favorite garbage disposals on the market and If you can afford it I think you would be a fool not to purchase this over the Badger Series or Pro Series disposals.

I offer this disposal to my customers Installed for $325 including the disposal and cord.

If im installing somebodie elses disposal its always just a flat $100 if i have to add my own cord I charge an additional $45

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