I Didn’t Know I Was Me – Bishop T.D. Jakes [September 29, 2019]

I Didn’t Know I Was Me – Bishop T.D. Jakes [September 29, 2019]


Gigi King says:

God Is Always Here, He Is Always Present.🎯

nadine daley says:

Jesus I'm nothing without you please continue to have your way in my life let me always keep my eyes on you 🙏

Gigi King says:

I didn't know, I was Me.🎯

Gigi King says:

The first 4:38 minutes of this sermon is everything.🎯 😭😭😭

Simon George says:

I didn’t know I was Christ until I read Revelation 19:16 (I have the name Jesus on my THIGH)

Sha Creations says:

Speaking to my heart and into my spirit 🙌🏽I didn’t know I was ME… Story of my life; Misunderstood Always felt like something was wrong with me because I was different but it was predestined and I AM set aside for a greater purpose 🙏🏽

Dwan Wyldes says:

u have got me thru some rough storm I listen to every day for the last 7 years

Doris Hlalayedwa says:

I used to stress before, but now though challenges come forcefully I know he is and has always been with me… Hebrews 13:5"Never will I live you nor forsake you". That gives me peace of mind, if God did not show up at the right time I'd be long gone,literally dead.

He calls at the right time because I now know he knew me before… Thank you bishop.

Tamara Foster says:

In Jesus Name

Tamara Foster says:


Tamara Foster says:

God is about to put me in a NEW CIRCLE OF PPL

Tamara Foster says:

I Recieve this message In Jesus Name I THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOUR ABOUT TO DO 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

Diane Bynum says:

Why are you attacking my family year agter year

Mohini Albert says:

Mighty word

Christine Agenor says:

I didn’t know I was me till I start speaking the truth then everybody started hating on me. I found out who were my real friends. Thanks Pastor TD Jake, this is the most powerful message you have spoken. Glory to your name God 🙏🏿🙏🏿 Bless my brother TD Jakes 😘😘😘

Rick Bethel says:

This was a message directly and intended right for me…I'm a 2nd Year Pastor and Its not easy…and its uncomfortable..But I do believe that Who I Am is someone who is yet to be revealed. And This is a season like Gideon for me..Wow..Thanks Bishop

johnup53 says:

this man is a false teacher and you ppl will follow him right in to hell he only tell you what you want to heir this is what GOD said if you forbid a evil man farewell you be come a partaker of his evilness and I will judge you in the same manner As the evil man so keep giving him your money he live in a 2mmmmmm home what are you living in

Barbara Simmons says:

Mr. Jake do you suppose that we as a people have had to go through so many trials and tribulations because we have looked to something or someone other than the true and living God? Or fail to recognize God?

Dustin Crosby says:

Wow. This is very similar to a sermon I heard preached yesterday. Can anyone tell me if this was recorded yesterday and posted yesterday? Or was this an old recording and just posted here yesterday? Thanks just curious if someone took Bishop Jakes sermon.

Latera Collins says:


Arch Angel Michael says:

The Afro-American church needs to organize contributions like housing developments and fundraising for their brothers and sisters the Afro-Palestinians living in Jerusalem. They have been burning tires in the street recently protesting. These housing developments should be overseen there in Jerusalem.

Yahudah Israel says:

Jesus/yahuwashi is Lucifer son David is TMH chosen son not jesus/yahuwashi…. Hosea ch3 Jeremiah ch30 Ezekiel ch34 ch37 pslams ch2 Psalms ch49 pslams ch89 Hosea ch13 Isaiah ch43 ch45….King David is king of Israel not jesus/yahuwashi

Shawnte Phillips says:

This word was on time. A huge confirmation. Praise

Denise Bay says:

What a powerful message 🙏🏽 May God bless you, Bishop TD Jakes

Mz Kheni-Meri says:

Thank you, my spiritual father I love you. Grateful for this life saving blessing.

Regina Allen says:

Thank you Jesus this message is for me.

Joe Carrillo says:

Bishop what a powerful message!!! Thank you!

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