Stop Blocking Your Miracle | Sermon by Tony Evans

Stop Blocking Your Miracle | Sermon by Tony Evans


Tony Evans says:

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Chris William says:

There's only one blocking my miracle ELTON that Name Against my name William (ELTON)=El cross owe in( William)= Dr OU be long E U ill i Amen

Anthony Similton says:

Fuck god. No miracle ass mothafuckin fake , allowing shooters and faggots bullshit to run free. Fuck god!

Anthony Similton says:

I hate God's ass! He's a fuckin liar and I won't follow his homeless ass!

capase2132 says:

You should go through a Deliverance process. Generational curses are present in your life. Satan has open doors via your parents who had authority over you and allowed satan to come in to you via open doors and generational curses. Satan has had certain rights to you and God’s hands are tied. You can comment to me if you want more info. Too much to explain here.

Nicholas Robinson says:

What if you have been believing for years and still nothing has happened

theresa webb says:

Cod doesnt work on man's time that's great the lord can't hurried.

mattbod says:

Lovely Sermon but why do you need to yell at us Sir? I love the content though God bless x

timothy lines says:

shame less theocons to many to count.

Trippy Terpz Inc says:


Denis Sutherland says:

James 4 : 10 " Humble yourself before God and then He will exalt you."

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