What is the Origin of Evil?

Guest Alex McFarland


Howtolist says:

Isaiah 45:7 and you said some will say a God created all things there for evil, no. No? That's in the Bible. Amos 3:6? Here is a link to better explain. Let me know if the video is debatable? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qnu99W642Xo

MarkAndApps says:

More Alex pls.

Roger G says:

legend …. Romans 8:29 …….. God has made a plan since the foundations of the world …..everyone born is in that plan including You and I … your free choice isn't much when you think he plans everything and everyone.
He made a vessel (people) of righteousness and a vessel (people) of evil …. so which one are you and I are in, that's a question for all.

He has used vessel's (nations) of evil to attack Israel ……. he had no interest in any other nation they were only used to correct Israel when they needed to be brought back in line. They were only created to die …… no hope for them …. they were not his choosen people.

Kanbei85 says:

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Kendal Howard says:

How do you send in a question?

Dylan Simmons says:

What does it exactly mean to say "We have the guilt of Adam imputed in us, therefore we are sinners from birth and sinners by choice." ?

Roger G says:

Not true my friend ….Isaiah 45:7 …..might remain you who made EVERYTHING.

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