What are the Prophecies that need to be Fulfilled before the Rapture?

Dr. Ed Hindson, co-author of “Target Israel”, explains about the bible prophecies – what has been fulfilled and what is to come.


  1. Had a dream about the rapture. It caused a horrific traffic jam. Cars were stalled on freeways all over the nation. I drove up behind a semi-tractor-trailer, with no driver. Other cars boxed me in behind. Many people were out of their cars, walking around on the clogged roads. The place where I was trapped was next to a huge shopping mall. I noticed the parking lots were full of cars, but almost no people. There were a few people walking among the cars, but nothing like it should be. There were few if any people in the mall.


  3. well what about the fulfillment of the gentiles? is that before the rapture or after ?? If before there is much saving to be done yet..so the then the propfecys haven't all been been fulfilled ??? correct me it is after rapture ??? ♡pam

  4. Yehoshua/ Jesus said in John 3:5 that we must be born of the water and of The Spirit or we can NOT enter His Kingdom. The disciples followed His instruction and all through the Book of Acts they baptized people in Yehoshua/ JESUS name and people were filled with The Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in heavenly tongues.

    There is NO SCRIPTURE in the Bible that tells of someone being Born Again by just confessing and believing. But EVERY time someone is Born Again they are Baptized using the Name of Yehoshua/ Jesus , and they are filled withThe Holy Ghost. This is the ONLY way anyone can enter The Kingdom of heaven, says Yehoshua/Jesus.

    I know many people have been deceived by believing that Roman's 10:9 is the way to be Born Again. But the book of Romans was NOT written to sinners, but it was written to saints. Roman's first chapter tells you this.

    But What Paul was saying in Romans10:9 was showing us saints what to do if we sin after we have been Born Again. Paul is telling us , if we confess that sin verbally, and then believe that Christ Blood sacrifice will wash us clean of that sin stain, then we will be saved. Saved from the wrath of G-D which comes upon His children who disobey Him . This is the ONLY way to get into Heaven.

    I know many will use a whole lot of Scriptures, like " by Faith are we saved" etc. But PLEASE remember that the letters that those Scriptures were written in were letters to the saints , who were ALREADY BORN AGAIN. Not written to sinners.

    all those Scriptures are reassurances that we must not allow Satan to fool us saints into thinking we shall lose our son ship if we sin. But that The Lord has given us a remedy for us if we sin after being Born Again. And this remedy will save us from G-D's wrath.

    Once again, CHRIST said inJohn 3:5 we MUST be born again of water and of The Spirit in order to get into His Kingdom. NOBODY overrules Christ okay. Christ goes on to say in John 3:7 " Marvel NOT that I said unto you, you MUST be BORN AGAIN! " I pray you all will hear and follow Christ instructions

  5. I’m 18 and practicing my faith, especially the more and I pay attention to reality. Quick question, is the Rapture the “10 days”? I’m Seventh Day Adventist

  6. Many of you have been praying and calling for the Lord. But He is here now, and has been, and he is teaching everywhere online. However, only those with the EYES OF FAITH can find Him and will believe it's Him.

  7. Israel is not back in their land. They’re still spread among the four corners of the earth missing their identity. The word is around yet prophecy is not fulfilled yet. I’d never say it’s not gonna happen any time soon because only the most high knows but a lot of the stuff this guy said is garbage

  8. Pre-tribulation is false read revelation 20:4. There are saints in the tribulation days. Jesus doesn't come before the tribulation he comes at the end of the tribulation before the Armageddon confrontation. Those that teach pre-tribulation rapture are highly misguided and non-scriptual.

  9. Hay; hay you are so blind. The revelation isn't just the end . It's history. The beast isn't a beast. Revelation chapter 17v. 11. In its indicative of the automobiles and aircraft. The bottomless pit, is indicative of the automobiles and aircraft, mines and oilwells are the " beast ". The computers are the images of the beast, all part of the same system. Revelation chapter 20. Gives us a time frame of 2000 years after Christ. We are now living in the judgment years. After the next war there will only be tree and z years. GreT trebulation will be on earth as the radiation poisoning will be everywhere. The fish in the ocean will die. The waters will be made bitter with radiation poisoning. O yeah; you are still blind.

  10. As in the days of noah. so from 1948 to 2068 will be the date.120 years a @t UNLESS YOU WERE BORN IN THE YEAR 2000 YOU WILL NOT BE HERE WHEN THIS HAPPENS YOU WILL BE LONG GONE MOST ON HERE WILL BE DEAD

  11. We can’t be asleep or even half asleep. We have to continue to put Him first and fulfill His great commission Acts 1:8. Hallelujah Elohim. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is on his way very shortly!