10 Reasons Why Transparent Phones Would be Great But We Aren’t Using Them

10 Reasons Why Transparent Phones Would be Great But We Aren't Using Them

What are the most unusual mobile phones ever? Remember the old days when manufacturers used to try to come up with something new? As a result, phones often used to look weird. Nowadays, tech companies are still trying to sell you the next big thing every other day. Phones, in particular, go through a lot of new ideas, and some proposals don’t always end up working out.

For example, we all agree that one of the limitations of smartphones is the screen size. Tablets and laptops are bigger but less convenient. Projectors seemed like an obvious solution. The first phones with this built-in feature rolled out back in 2010, but never really took off… But there were many other phone concepts that didn’t, can’t, or aren’t likely to hit the mainstream.

Optical zoom camera phones 0:24
Early gaming phones 1:05
Integrated Bluetooth headsets 1:44
3D displays 2:20
Transparent phones 3:02
Gamepads 3:45
Built-in projectors 4:19
Dual-screen phones 4:55
Tablets 5:37
Slide-out keyboards 6:19
The social media phone 6:55
Clicking screens 7:35
News tickers 8:14

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