Solar Storms That Are Bigger Than Earth

Solar Storms That Are Bigger Than Earth

There are terminator events in the life of our sun that can spawn a solar tsunami – colossal and super-fast waves of pure burning plasma making the magnetic poles of the sun go bonkers and literally flip? Sounds scary!

By the way, did you know that the sun is literally a ball of countless nuclear explosions? And the solar tsunami wave is a huge wave of plasma that shoots itself from the surface of the sun. Imagine a wall of blazing light that’s eight times higher than the diameter of the Earth itself! And then imagine it moving at 560,000 mph. It’s hard to imagine… Ever saw how fast lightning is? Well, this monstrous wave is 2.5 times faster than that!

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What the Sun consists of ☀️ 0:46
The solar tsunami wave 2:48
What’s the cause of these tsunamis? ? 3:45
The solar maximum and the solar minimum 4:39
Terminator events 5:38
What’s the big deal with all this panic about solar cycles? ? 7:08
What if the Earth switched its magnetic poles? 8:07

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– One of the two main components of the sun is a gas called hydrogen. This one element constitutes around 75% of all the mass in the Universe, and fills the core of the Sun.
– Every second, the sun transforms 620 million tons of hydrogen into helium. This process releases an amount of energy roughly equal to the explosion of 92 billion megatons of TNT.
– The whole process takes place in only the heaviest, hottest, and most pressurized part of the sun – its core.
– All the mass and energy in the core of the sun is contained by its own gravitational force, but none of the hydrogen and helium can stay in their gas form in such conditions.
– The first time astronomers discovered a solar tsunami, in 1997, they couldn’t believe that their data was correct. They thought what they saw was just a sudden shadow, or a malfunction of the tech, but it was a wave.
– The sun and the Earth, like every other big body in space, can be imagined as magnets. As you probably know, every magnet has two oppositely charged sides – positive and negative.
– We live in a time of the greatest opportunities for researchers. The midpoint of the solar cycle passed by in April of 2014. It was called the “solar maximum”: the point in which the sunspot activity of our sun was at its peak.
– To be fair, one pole of the sun has already changed its charge. Basically, at the end of a solar cycle, the sun has two positive poles.
– Terminator events were found via careful examination of data that’s been collected in the last 140 years. The most interesting things about them were extreme ultra-violet outbursts; they mark the process of a terminator event.
– It’s not only the sun that can switch its magnetic poles, but the Earth too. The last time that happened was over 780,000 years ago, and we can barely predict what will happen the next time.
– We need navigation, our orbital satellites, and electricity – all of which could be damaged if the magnetic field of the Earth becomes weaker.
– Either way, the magnetic field will stabilize soon, and it won’t bring a real catastrophe like some people say – just a challenge for humanity’s knowledge about the planet we live on.

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