How I’m Dealing with Overprotective Parents

How I'm Dealing with Overprotective Parents

What if aliens kidnapped you? What if you fell into a black hole? Your parents have a lot of scary thoughts while you’re out with your friends having fun. Hence the constant buzzing coming from your phone. Sound familiar? Then you might have overprotective parents.

No, they aren’t evil creatures who set a plan to make your life miserable, trust me. Chances are, they’re genuinely worried about your well-being and simply want you to avoid circumstances that can get you into trouble. Have no idea how to change the situation? Then listen up! And keep in mind that realizing why they feel the need to keep tabs on you is the first step to fixing the problem without arguing.

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Keep calm 0:24
Understand why they act like that 1:05
Prove they can trust you 2:11
Be more independent 3:03
Meet parents half-way 4:02
Keep them informed 4:52
Talk about your emotions 5:40
Negotiate new rules 6:21
Be patient and stay positive 7:28

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– If you keep acting like a spoiled kid who throws tantrums every time things aren’t going the way you wanted, your parents will treat you accordingly.
– Some parents can’t come to terms with the fact that their kids are growing up, simply because they’re scared their kids won’t need them anymore. But try not to forget that your parents want some interaction too.
– Do your homework and chores without prompting, offer your help when it’s needed, always stick to your promises, and don’t forget to give them a heads-up if you’re going to be late.
– If you’re a teen, there’re definitely ways for you to earn your own money. You can mow your neighbors’ lawn, babysit their kids, or even get a real part-time job if circumstances allow.
– You should keep in mind that it’s all about taking little steps and making subtle changes to help your parents (and you as well) adjust.
– Giving your parents as many details as possible is a great way to make them stop breathing down your neck. Going with friends to the movies? Great, tell your parents which movie theatre you chose, who’s gonna drive, and all that stuff.
– Talking about your emotions is probably the most effective thing you can do to make any relationship better. There are high chances that your parents are simply unaware of how their controlling actions affect you.
– After you’ve talked about your feelings, it’s a perfect time to try and ask for some changes in their strict rules. But make sure to choose the right setting for that.
– Here comes the toughest part. If you tried all the tips I’ve mentioned earlier to no avail, then the best you can do is to put up with the fact that things are the way they are. That’s not cool, but obviously your parents need more time to realize you’ve actually grown up.

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