Flying Cars Will Be Available Sooner Than You Think

Flying Cars Will Be Available Sooner Than You Think

Stuck in a traffic jam and about to be late for work, who hasn’t dreamt of a way to get somewhere by skirting all the unnecessary chaos? Right now, there seems to be no way to avoid traffic congestion. But in less than 10 years, you’re likely to forget what that is!

Urban Air Mobility experts predict that one day, your way to work will take minutes instead of hours thanks to air taxi. But the best news is that it may happen way sooner than you thought, around 2023 – 2025! And by 2040, you won’t remember the days when you couldn’t get anywhere by air.

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How air taxi prototypes look 0:40
Flying taxis will appear when… 1:15
How much will it cost? 2:17
Hyperloop 2:42
Giant drone 3:34
What will happen with good old cars in 2025 4:40
3,800 miles per hour. Is it even possible?! 6:56
Skyscrapers which will serve as spaceports 7:58

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– The surprising truth is that most technologies needed for creating air taxis are already here. Even more, today there are already air taxi prototypes and test vehicles!
– On the other hand, there are still a lot of things to be done. For example, the batteries, which are supposed to power the flying electric cars, must be developed further so that they can last longer.
– Hundreds of heliports and helipads must be built all over the world. All these numerous flying taxis will need pilots who’ll have to be trained.
– You’ll have to spend about $43 on a transfer from San Jose to San Francisco.
– One of the most spectacular innovations might be the Hyperloop. This is a futuristic transport system that consists of tubes that shoot pod-like capsules between stations.
– One of the companies that’s developing the Hyperloop has already built a 1-mile-long subscale track.
– If you’re heading somewhere on your own in 2025, you’ll most likely use a giant, autonomous drone, capable of transporting one passenger.
– To get a ride from point A to point B, you just need to enter the locations into a special smartphone app. T
– Now, even if you have a good old car in 2025, the chances are very high that it’ll be autonomous. That means you won’t have to keep your hands on the steering wheel – the car will do all the driving for you.
– There’s a project which suggests creating an entire transport network of pods, which can seat one person at a time, and move along pre-described routes
– Instead of owning a car, in 5 or 10 years, you’re likely to use fleet-based services.
– Sometime around 2040, you’ll be able to have a hypersonic plane ride! These aircraft will fly at incredible heights, and their speed is likely to be 5 times the speed of sound, which will make it about 3,800 miles per hour!
– But the most amazing prediction about the future of Earth’s transport system is that by 2045, there might be jumbo skyscrapers which will serve as spaceports.

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