3 Secrets to Building Real-Life Romance

3 Secrets to Building Real-Life Romance

My message in the beginning of the video is not an endorsement of Hollywood. I am seeking to turn women from Hollywood’s definition of romance to real life relationships. Here is what I hope to communicate:

1. Women tend to really like romantic fictional movies and books.
2. Hollywood style romance is fiction and fantasy and not based on reality. Real men don’t tend to act, talk, and think like this.
3. Hollywood style romance tends to set us up for unrealistic expectations that lead to resentment with our men.
4. Let’s focus on the real men in our lives and on appreciating them and our actual relationships with them, instead of chasing Hollywood’s definition of romance which tends to leave us disappointed with our lives and our men.

Let’s approach our men with:
1. Honor and appreciation
2. Gratitude
3. Softness
These things will strengthen the bonds in actual relationships and these things honor the Lord.

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