X300 Lithium Portable Power Station,Rechargeable Solar Generator, Battery Backup Power for Camping Outdoors RV Emergency (X300 + Bag)

Product Description


Q: What devices can RICH SOLAR 300W power?

A: Please note that the AC output port can charge devices less than 330W, DC1 output can charge devices less than 96W, DC2 output can charge devices less than 48W. Once exceeding, the RS 300W will be in protection mode. We need to charge it by wall charger to reset it

Q: How to calculate the working time for your devices?

A: 1. AC output working time=280wh * 0.85/the power of your device

For example, assume your power of device is 50W, working time will be 280wh * 0.85/50w=4.76 hrs ( rough calculated )

2. DC and USB output working time=240wh * 0.95/the power of your device

Q: Can it power to cpap?

A: Of course, it can. RS 300W power station can power your cpap by two ways: 110V AC plug and 12V/24V DC plug. We strongly recommend to use DC converter,with this power station and turn off the heater and humidifier to get about 3+ nights use.

Q: Will it be shut down once charging low watt device?

A: Yes it will. However, for this issue, we update it. It will be shut down after 10 hours once you dont use it or you charge the low watt device is less than 1W for AC port, less than 1.68W for 24V DC port, less than 1.2W for 12V DC port, less than 0.25W for 5V USB. This function can save the power and prelong the life of portable power station.

Q: Can it be as a UPS?

A: Yes, it can, if do a UPS, the input is 78W, the output only be 78W or less than 78W can be power constantly


280WH(75000mAh 3.7V/12V 18750mAh) lithium-ion batteries and weighs only 7.3lbs. powerful enough to charge smartphones 25 times, laptops 4-5 times, 32″ TVs 4+ hours, CPAP machine 4+ nights turn off heating and humidification(using DC/RICH SOLAR DC converter, please note that your cpap machine should be under 96W), mini-refrigerator 5+ hours, lights or other small appliances and its pure-sine wave inverter provide clean power, just like plugging into the wall at home.

Features Variety of Powering Options:

With 120V AC (300W Rated / 600W Surge) US-standard outlet for your Laptop, Monitor, TV, Air Mattress, Lamp, Fan, Router, Modem, Christmas lights etc.
With 4* 12V DC(48W*3+96W*1) for car powered device under 96W, such as car vacuum, car refrigerator, car air fan, CPAP machine etc
With 1*24V DC (24V-3A). Especially for connecting 24v devices.
With 4* 5V USB ports (two QC3.0 fast charge) for phones, iPad, gps, mp3, camera, rc helicopter etc.
Package come with 120V wall adapter, car charger and MC4 solar panel adapter.

For Optimal Use with CPAP:

RICH SOLAR X300W power station has two ways to power your CPAP machine: 110V AC Plug or 12V/24V DC Plug. We strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC CONVERTER to work with this power station and turn off or remove the HEATER/ HUMIDIFIER, thus it should last at least 3 nights.(Please note that your cpap machine should be under 96W ). To buy the DC converter, please consult with your CPAP supplier or simply reach us for a guide.

280Wh lithium portable power station can power up to 9 devices at once
Charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and most small devices. Provides power for small appliances, lights, CPAPs and more
Recharges from AC or pair with a solar panel (sold separately), compatible with any RICH SOLAR brand solar panel.
Designed and engineered by power station experts with a US-based customer service center
Price: $229.99
(as of Jun 01,2020 00:56:04 UTC – Details)

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