GLWAD Leg Stretcher, Leg Split, Ligament Stretcher

This was a convenient leg stretcher
It has two separate parts
Stretch seat and Stretch Rod
So This creative Leg Stretcher was easy to store.?
It avoids the bulkiness of large Leg Stretcher,
It has professional functions that simple Leg Split Stretcher does not have!

Leg Stretch Seat can connect to many similar products on the market.
It pulls the leg stretcher by turning a handle.
And its seat can be folded,
The leather of the seats was very soft,
Relax your back and hips.

The Leg Stretch Rod can be fold.
It has six gears to adjust,
The right and left angles are controlled by hermetically sealed gears.
The Angle between the right and the left can be exactly the same.
It doesn’t move back and forth.
Will not scuff the floor.

This leg stretcher is very simple to operate.
Adults and children can use it no matter how tall they are!
Especially suitable?for Yoga, Ballet, Dance,Martial arts, Kung Fu, Gym
enthusiasts who need to do physical flexibility training.
You can stretch the ligaments at home,
While do Meditation training, Listening Decompression music, and so on!
Keep practicing
It will bring you a very surprising change.

1.Free Gifts.
2.Free Storage Hang Rope.
3.Free Strong adhesive Hook.
4.USA Local Delivery, 4 days Delivery.

※1. New style leg stretcher, Precision Die Casting, Gear perfect Bite together.
※2. Free hands, Doing Leg Split while Doing Funny thing, leg stretcher Six Gears adjustable.
※3. Unique leg stretcher products, Folding storage, leg stretcher Rod Adjustable length.
※4. Fashion Design, Classic Black Style, High quality materia, Exquisite Craft.
※5. Comfortable Leg Split training, No pain. Effective Way, Follow the Principles of Mechanics.
Price: $129.00
(as of Jun 20,2021 06:30:51 UTC – Details)

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