YBM Home Mesh Utensil Caddy, Silverware, Napkin Holder and Condiment Organizer for Kitchen, Dining, Entertaining, Picnics, and Tailgating (6-Pack) Silver Mesh Caddy MultiPurpose Design 1151m

Hold the most indispensable utensils and condiments in style with this mesh utensil and condiment caddy
MESH UTENSIL & CONDIMENT CADDY – Serve and display your utensils, napkins, and condiments on the dining table with this four compartment mesh utensil caddy – featuring a carrying handle to keep silverware and sauce supplies upright and accessible
LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – The convenient handle allows easy mobility, allowing to easily transport condiments, spreads, sauces, seasonings, and napkins to an outdoor BBQ, cookouts, holiday gatherings, and more
INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING – Whether you are hosting a dinner party or cookouts, this mesh condiment caddy fits the bill! Add multiple caddies if there is a large group of people. It is ideal for picnics, camping trips, and more
MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN – Highly versatile to hold variety of items around your house. Use it to store beauty products, cosmetics, toiletries, crafting materials, office supplies, jewelry, tech and gadget accessories
STURDY AND DURABLE – Made of high quality stainless steel with silver coating finish to blend with your home and kitchen setting. Measures 7 in. W x 9.25 in. L x 4.375 in. Depth