Meinl Percussion Foot Tambourine with Stainless Steel Jingles-NOT MADE IN CHINA-Accompaniment for Cajon Gigs, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, FJS2S-BK

The foot jingle tambourine from Mein percussion is a perfect complement for virtually any instrument. It is light and versatile, but not overpowering, delivering a sensitive accompaniment to any musical setting. Not just for time keepers, guitar players and vocalists will find this instrument helpful in adding a little percussive color to their music. Acoustic performances are perfect for the foot jingle, but it has applications in the studio or for a fun jam session. Liven up your performance without taking up too much space in your gig Bag! .

Easy to take on and off: use the durable elastic band to quickly and easily slip the Foot Tambourine on and off as desired throughout your set
Perfect for guitarists and singers/songwriters: if you’re an instrumentalist or singers/songwriter wanting to play percussion, the four pairs of stainless steel jingles provide a bright, shimmering accent that blends perfectly with the volume of an acoustic guitar and vocals
Takes up minimal space: Create new layers to your grooves or liven up your song without taking up too much space in your Gig Bag (measures 4” across by 2. 75” high)
Durable hardwood construction: The body of the foot jingle is constructed from durable hardwood and ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort and reliability