Hand Grip Strengthener (4 Pack) with Forearm Exerciser Adjustable Resistance Hand Gripper, Finger Stretcher, Grip Ring and Finger Exerciser for Men and Women, Injury Recovery and Muscle Builder

Mandrill Hand Strengthener Forearm Grip Workout Kit 4-in-1 + Carry bag + eBook + 10 years warranty

Mandrill Team created the 4-in-1 complete Grip Strength Trainer Kit to help strengthen and exercise the hands, fingers, wrist, forearm, elbow, recover or improve performance.

Why choose our Mandrill 4-in-1 Complete Hand Strengthener Kit?
♥ Mandrill Team developed the most effective and comprehensive hand workout/grip strength trainer kit that satisfies all your needs.
♥ Mandrill grip strengthener helps you increase the performance and gain strength
♥ Our products will help you improve finger strength and dexterity, perfect for athletes, musicians or fitness.
♥ Great for rehabilitation, recovery and stress relief. Beneficial for people who have arthritis, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel or hand, shoulder, finger surgery.
♥ Using our product will help you reduce joint pains, stiffness, release daily stress and increase blood circulation.

What’s included in Mandrill Forearm Grip Workout Hand Grip Strengthener kit?
✔ 1 x Adjustable Hand Exerciser Grip Strengthener trainer (22-88 Lbs)
✔ 1 x Finger Exerciser (4 Lbs for each finger)
✔ 1 x Grip Strength Trainer Ring (4 Lbs resistance)
✔ 1 x Finger Stretcher Resistance Band (medium resistance)
✔ 1 x High Quality Carry Bag
✔ 1 x How to Ebook
✔ 10 years warranty

♥ Becouse customer satisfaction is the highest priority we offer 10 YEARS WARRANTY.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your hand grip strengthener kit, we will happily refund in full.

“The products we create demands to be the best in his category, that’s why we have created MANDRILL Brand, to bring quality into everyone’s life. We created MANDRILL so you can LEARN TRAIN WIN” – BOBO, Founder
Advanced Hand Grip Strengthener – Each hand strengthener forearm grip workout set includes an adjustable grip strength trainer, finger strengthener, finger stretcher, and exercise ring to add more diversity to your forearm exerciser.
Multipurpose Personal Use – Mandrill Grip Strength Trainer can help improve grip strength, finger flexibility, wrist stability or overall forearm power, making them a good choice for athletes, piano or guitar players, drummers and musicians, bodybuilders, and more.
Relieve Pain, Improve Circulation – Offering pre- and post-workout recovery these hand exerciser grip strengthener tools offer occupational therapy for carpal tunnel due to computer use, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain and stiffness, or tendonitis.
Ergonomic, Travel-Ready Support – Mandrill Hand exerciser grip strengthener is for both men and women with different hand sizes, our hand grip strengthener exerciser and tools come with a convenient storage bag that you can take anywhere, stick in a gym bag, or use during an office meeting. Mandrill Grip Strength Trainer can be used anywhere at any time.
Exercise eBook and 10 Year Warranty – Here at Mandrill we take pride in the long-lasting quality and durability of our forearm grip workout equipment, which is why each one is backed by a 10-year warranty and replace or refund guarantee to ensure your total happiness.