GE Outlet Wall Tap, 5 Pack, 3-Prong, Extra-Wide Adapter Spaced, Grounded, Easy Access Design, Indoor, Black, 47039

Transform your outlet anywhere with a set of five GE-branded 3-Outlet Tap Adapters. Expand a standard grounded outlet into three with this wall tap cube that has a three-prong outlet on three sides of the block. The unique shape of the adapter allows space for bulky plugs and standard plugs to use this outlet adapter at the same time. Take it with you to work or school to satisfy your power needs on the go. With its innovative design and black finish, this compact adapter tap is perfect for creating a centralized powering station that doesn’t distract from your existing décor. This outlet adapter is UL Listed and has an electrical rating of 15A/125VAC/1875W. Triple your outlet’s power with the GE-branded 3-Outlet Tap Adapter.

Power More – Convert 1 grounded outlet into 3 convenient adapter-spaced outlets with this unique cube tap
Easy Access – With the added space that this tap adapter’s cube design offers, you can now have space for all of those bulky adapters
Portable – Take this handy adapter with you to work or school to make sure you have all the outlets you need to power your laptops, cell phone chargers, tablets and smartwatches
Sleek Design – This innovative and compact adapter tap comes in a black finish to accentuate your existing décor and is perfectly sized so that your centralized powering station doesn’t become a distraction
Power – This outlet adapter is UL Listed and has an electrical rating of 15A/125VAC/1875W