CHAFON Portable Power Station CF290,296WH Lithium Battery Backup,110V/330W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet,Solar Generator for Outdoors Camping,Road Trips,Emergency(Space Grey)

Product Description

Portable power station battery supplyPortable power station battery supply


Outdoor power sourceOutdoor power source

CHAFON Portable Power Station,Bring The Outdoors Back!

As the 2020 gift of portable power,that’s where the CHAFON CF290 portable power comes in! with updated huge battery 296 WH power,same as original clean and silent portable can have hours of quiet, safe and reliable power instantly available during outdoor adventure, extended blackouts,camping trips,trade show or even as part of a winter emergency kit for your car.


Q1: What devices can CF290 power?

A: AC outputs can charge/power devices that require total less than 330-Watt; Once exceeding, it will shut off automatically.

Q2: How long will be hold with my devices

A: When you plug your devices,the LCD will show remaining working time directlly, AC output working time=296wh * 0.85/the power of your device;DC and USB output working time=296wh * 0.95/the power of your device.(rough calculated)

Q3: What solar panel are compatible?

A: We suggest the 12.6V~23V,40-100W solar panel with DC 55*21 output port,It’s highly recommended that you choose CHAFON H80 Solarbook Foldable 80W solar panel.

Q4: Will it be shut off once charging low watt device?

Yes it will. It will be shut off after 8 hours once AC output is less than 8W, DC & USB turn off after 30 seconds less than 2W for power saving.

Solar panelSolar panel

Portable solar panel

LCD Display AC outlet wattLCD Display AC outlet watt

Informative LCD Display Screen

The CF290 features a easy to read LCD screen, with charge/discharge and battery life status, provide accurate power output readings,remaining power hours of your devices, each button powers a section of on/off.

Note: It will be turned off automatically in 30 seconds after activate DISPLAY button.

Power Save:Turn off the AC button if you are not ready for using.

Wireless Charge: Press the USB button on when in use

Unlimited Off-Grid Solar Generator for Camper

Green and clean power center

Expanding our off-grid capabilities is a never ending endeavor,recommended CHAFON H80 Solarbook foldable 80W solar panel, fully charged under full sun around 8 hours when connected (recharging time varies from different location, temperature, weather etc.),others ensure meet between 12.6V~23V,40-100 Watt solar panel with DC 55*21 output connector to be compatible with CHAFON solar generator (solar panels sold separately).

Capacity: 296Wh (20Ah, 14.4V) ,Battery Type: 80000mAh Lithium-ion Battery

Input: 5.5*2.1mm DC, 12V~23V (72W max),PD power delievery input/output: 60W

AC Output(2): 110V, Continuous330W total (600W peak)

Car Port: DC 12V,10A ,120 Watt; DC55*21: 12V,5A,60 Watt

QC3.0: 18 W; USB Outputs:5V/3A; Wireless Charger: 10 Watt

Weight: 7.7 lbs; Dimensions:9.5*6.3*5.4 inch

LED Flashlight: 3W

CPAP battery backupCPAP battery backup

Perfect Lightweight Power Supply for Camping CPAP

It is lightweight,compact charging station,making it suitable for weekend camping trips CPAP battery backup and outdoors adventure.

There two ways to power your CPAP machine: 110V AC Plug or 12VDC Plug. We strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC CONVERTER to work with this power station and turn off or remove the HEATER/ HUMIDIFIER, thus it should last at least 3 nights.


power delivery

power delivery

fast charger backup powe

fast charger backup powe

outdoor charging station

outdoor charging station

Power Delivered

Recharge Power Station itself, or give a full-speed charge to a wide range of USB-C devices via the dedicated Power Delivery port,smart detection of input/output 60W,not controlled by USB button.


-Support pass through under 60W output for using AC and DC.

-Charge every 3 month to maintain full battery capacity.

Fastest Charging Leading Tech

Fast Recharge: combine with PD adapter and AC adapter charging together,it just cost 3 hrs to fast replenish your battery over 95% capacity when you are need power in emergency or go out soon

Make the most of your weekends and holidays, and explore further camping, fishing, hiking, hunting,travel,road trip,or anywhere you might need power.

Portable Charging Station

Enjoy your outdoor life without power worry !

Use for most digital products:smartphones, iPads, cameras, laptops,drones,camping flashlight,headlights,digital piano,mini projectors,camping radio,inflatable pump,protable grill,battery charger,small flim production,mini car cooler, car vacuums cleaner,portable air pump etc.


Can't support devices

Can't support devices

pure sine wave

pure sine wave

gift power

gift power

Can’t Support devices rated exceeds 330W

CHAFON power generator also as a home emergency power supply when hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, floods and other disasters have the potential to cause power outages in your area,but you should know CF290 can not power the devices which rated exceeds 330 watts.

Kindly check the rate power of your electronics before using.

Superior Safety,Our Mission

We utilize high-quality lithium batteries with a name brand battery management system(BMS) and additional layers of protection for superior safety,

CF290 enables short circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations.

Also,pure sine wave inverter design protect your sensitive devices.

Surprise Power Gift

This is definitely the most attractive Christmas gift for who interested in family camping trips or outdoor adventures.

CHAFON,Bring The Outdoors Back!


1*296Wh Portable Power Station
1*7.8ft / 2.2m AC Adapter,
1* 3.3ft / 1m Car Charger Cable
1*User Guide
1*Accessories Organizer Bag

LATEST LCD Display Direct Show How long Will Last: CHAFON Lithium Battery Generator CF290 is equiped with 296 watt-hour(20Ah,14.8V/80Ah,3.7V) lithium battery pack,enough charge a iPhone8 (2658mAh) 28 times,MacBook Air(30W,PD use) 9+ hours,Resmed Airsense 10 CPAP( 12w with DC converter) 3+ nights,mini-cooler Dometic CFX35W(12v,0.77 Ah/h) 24+ hours or other under rated 330W electronics,mini heater,printer,fan,drone,TV etc,when you plug the device,easy to read the duration on LCD
Camping Power Battery: Chafon portable power supply features 2* AC outlets pure sine wave (110V 330W total max),1*USB C PD2.0 60W output power delivery,1*10W wireless charger,1* 12V/10A car cigarette lighter port and DC 55*21(60W) outputs,1* 18W quick charger QC3.0 & 2* 5V/2.1A USB A outputs and 1* 3W emergency led light,Each button powers a section of connectors.Once a section is turned on, the LCD displays will light,portable power source for all your outdoor power needs.
Rechargeable Solar Generator:unlimited Off-Grid power station recharge via features a 60W USB-C PD wall charger(sold separately) full charged in 6.5 hrs,AC adapter about 6 hrs,pairs well with Chafon Solarbook 80W solar panel(optional)about 8 hrs on full sun and 12V car charger port about 7 also support pass through charging for using both ac and dc ,the greatest thing is that combine with PD adapter and AC adapter charging together just cost 3 hrs fast replenish your battery 95% capacity.
Amazingly Portable and Reliable Power Safety: CHAFON solar power station is made of soft carrying handle and aluminum case with 9.5*6.3*5.4 inch size and 7.7 pounds,and risk-free lithium-ion battery plus battery management system provide short circuit,overheat,overcharge,overload protection,then it automatically turns off to prevent any damage to itself or to your devices,guarantees you a faster and safer charging experience.
What You Get :CHAFON Portable Power Station(296WH Portable Solar Generator) ,AC adapter, car charger cable,user guide,accessories organizer travel bag,our worry-free 24 Months Support with friendly customer service.