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Product Description

Our Product Feature:

WIFI Connection

Download the APP named “XDV PRO” on your smart phone and connect the camcorder’s WIFI for preview and operation on the phone/tablet.

The camcorder have two prots:TV port and computer port.

insert the HDMI cable into the camera and TV port separately.

insert the USB cable into the camera and computer port separately.

4k VS 1080P

4K (30ftps 48M 3880*2160 ) Video Camcorder can shoot exquisite and clear images with rich color and high-contrast performance. Make photos look clearer and more vivid.Please watch the videos on 4k/HD TV.

3.0 HD Touch Screen

3.0 inch capacitive touch screen is easy to navigate the menu. It has better colour accuracy and better performance of displaying images and videos in rich, smooth colour gradations than ordinary screen.

Face Detection & Beauty & 270° Rotation

When you turn on beauty function on camcorder.You can show your beauty in front of the lens.270°Rotate screen can take photos from different angles.Have 3s、10s、15s、20s、30s time interval can be selected.


The camera camcorder has function of reduce effect of shock. When you turn this feature on. It can reduce the effect of blurring caused by camera shock.

IR Night Vision

The 4K camcorder with night vision lights.If you like to record the beauty of the night, you can turn on this feature at night, it can take clear photos in dark environments.

Note: Effective distance <5m.

Remote Control

The remote control signal is recieved from the front of the lens.It’s convenience for go out travel to control camcorder.Avoid looking for others to help take pictures.

External Micphone

It can support external microphone by the exclusive hot shoe design.Eliminate some noisy sounds.

Pecfect Gift

Send a 4K camera to your family and friends to record the beautiful moments that belong to you. When you see these photos in the future, you can recall the moment of happiness, which is a perfect gift






Video Format




Remote operation

Image Format




☻Video Camcorder with Microphone: ☻ This vlog camera with flip screen supports storage up to 128GB high speed class 10 SD/SDHC card (the sd card is not included) and high quality external stereo microphone input (the microphone is included, you don’t need to buy separately). An external stereo microphone can make sure that you’re filming with good audio quality whether you’re standing in front or behind the camera. It’s a great blogging camera for Youtube videos.
☻4K WiFi Camcorder with Night Vision:☻ Anyone likes dealing with cables and connection issues? No one does. Transfer your videos wirelessly, without the maze of cords. This 4K WIFI camera delivers clear images at 48 MP and crisp video at 4K/30FPS. It also has an incredible night vision so taking video at night is still nice and clear. Buy for the WIFI, enjoy for the awesome image capturing abilities and camcorder night vision.
☻Webcam and Other Features for Recording and Taking Photos: ☻ This 4K camera camcorder supports webcam function, you can use the camcorder live on YouTube. And this blogging camera supports time-lapse recording / photography, motion detection, slow motion recording and contiuous shooting. It also supports external UV lens or wide angel lens (external lens are not included) to enable you to create wonderful recordings / pictures for filming youtube videos.
☻Other Features:☻ It supports standard tripod, micro SD and SD card, (both purchased separately).The camera is equipped with two 1,500mah lithium batteries that allow video recording while charging.The vlog camcorder has a hood that filters out unwanted stray light and prevents lens halos from external light.