Bewinner Portable 4G Wireless WiFi Router, MF925 4G LTE WiFi Mobile Router Mini WiFi Box Data Terminal Box WiFi Wireless Router/Card Support 32GB SD Card for Smartphone, Tablet

Note: This product needs to be inserted into the SIM card, and the card is NOT included!
4G wireless router – Smartphone, tablet or computer can access the Internet through this device and enjoy a high-speed network. Small size, easy to carry.
Support multi-user access with stable signal.
USB charging – Convenient charging method, computer, notebook, car charger, charging treasure, etc. can provide charging for the router
Equipped with a standard Micro SD card slot, up to 32GB (SD card is NOT included). You can insert a valid SIM network card with an Internet package.(SIM card is NOT included)
Simple operation, strong practicality. Support to restore the factory settings, you can make this setting when necessary, clear all the data, re-set the router.