Hypnotic Gems 1 lb Bulk Apatite Rough from Madagascar – Large 1″ Natural Raw Stones & Fountain Rocks for Tumbling, Cabbing, Polishing, Wire Wrapping, Wicca & Reiki Crystal Healing

Price: $10.99
(as of Dec 10,2019 05:38:20 UTC – Details)

Get that Killer shape you want

This spectacular Apatite rough comes from a full mine run that was purchased directly from the Apatite mine in Madagascar. Once it arrives at our warehouse in the USA this beautiful neon blue Apatite is checked for quality to ensure only material that meets Polones e Brilho’s quality standards is sent with every order. The sizes of the Apatite you receive will average around 1″ (20-40 grams) for most of the stones. This material is stabilized and can be used for tumbling, polishing, wire wrapping, crafts, fountain rocks, and any other application limited only by your imagination.

You are ordering 1 full pound of this rough Apatite which in most cases is around 12-18 pieces but since it is sold by total weight the exact number of pieces you receive may vary from one bag to the next. You are receiving it exactly as it was mined in the rough so it is possible that some pieces are going to have a thin layer of dust on them and we recommend rinsing off the stones once they are received. Our pictures were taken with the stones having been rinsed and they were taken while the stones were still wet. The stones you are ordering is the PeB Brand with the manufacturer’s part number of PEB-APA-1.

Quantity: 1 lb / Average Size: 1″
A beautiful natural neon blue color directly from the Apatite Mine
Each of our images shows 1 pound of stones! (manufacturer part number: PEB-APA-1)
Stones in our images have been soaked in water to showcase their potential!
Each and every stone is unique and you will receive ones similar to the images shown.


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