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Product Description

Product Description
200 built-in Games, 7 main menus include Relax 25 games, Sport 18 games, Table 28 games, Adventure 20 games, Action 31 games, Puzzle 37 games, Education 41 games.
MINI Arcade Machine develop intelligence, expand thinking, Fun is not addictive, relieve pressure, perfect parent-child time.
2.5′ TFT Screen, inspiring sound effects, heavy-duty material
Size: 7×3.5×3.5 inches (product only), just fine to play
Cabinet requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
Get something new to amuse you or your child while at home or away.

Package Contains
-1 Mini Arcade Cabinet(16-Bit Classic Portable Handheld Video Game Console)
-1 Games Manua

UPGRADED!!! NEW Eye protection VERSION

UPGRADED!!! NEW Eye protection VERSION

All Real 16-bit games, enhanced screen rear light for dim and shiny environments, More Colors, Clearer, More secure eye protection.

Joystick controls for realistic arcade machine play

Adorable mini throwback to the beginning of the digital game age. recommends the following classic games:

[Puzzle]:1,Shudu 2,Move Box 11,Sea Fight 26,Seven [Action]:1,Hare Fighter 2,Robot War 12.Greedy Girl 19,Hell Marksman 25, Glide Object 28, Earth Shaker [Venture]: 2,Black Jack 6,Follow Me 5,Polar Slot Machine 12,Brain Age Test 14,Pirate Landing [Table]: 1,100 Floor 4, Balloon Shooting 11,Castle Smasher 18,X Training 20,Eat Bean 25,Bombman [Sport] :12,Flag Match 13,Japanese Sumo [Relax] :2,Linking Pet 4,Find Fault 6,Brick Blaster 17,Palace Guardian ​20,Air Defense 25,Polar Bear ​ [Education]:5,Number Sequence 18,Hide And Seek

******** Warm Tip ********

1. Before using the product, please read the instructions carefully;

2. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included),never use rechargeable batteries. In order to start using the gaming device right away, be sure to have the batteries ready in advance;

3.Please strike a proper balance between play and rest!

4.For learning the total 220 built-in games, please visit our official website:

You can see the introduction and operation of each game.

quickly boot up the mini Arcade and have a few rounds,

brings back nostalgia.GO !!!

Trouble Shooting

No picture on LCD screen:

1. Is the game console turned on? 2. Are the batteries properly installed? 3. Check if the batteries are flat and need replacing.

No game sound:

Is the volume control too low,or off?

Picture on LCD screen is too dark & Sudden shutdown when operating:

Check if the batteries are flat and need replacing

Fringes appear on LCD screen during broadcast & picture is blinking or distorted:

1. Check if the batteries are flat and need replacing; 2. Try pushing the reset button; 3. Switch the game console off and try again.

☀NEW Eye Protection Version—All Real 16-bit games, enhanced screen rear light for dim and shiny environments, More Colors, Clearer, More secure eye protection.
☀200 built-in classic Arcade Games, including Relax, Sports, Puzzle, Table, Adventure, Action and Education 7 categories. Suitable for kids to develop intelligence, expand thinking.
☀Fun is not addictive—our product is just fine in kids’ palms, games offer smooth and clear picture quality to create a perfect parent-child time at home. No role-playing and upgrade pressure. Prevent game Addiction. Outdoor or Indoor to kill downtime
☀EASY to play—No console or accessories needed,3 x AA Batteries supports up to 3-4 hours of playing. Portable for travel, Joystick makes gaming in car both fun and easy!
☀Industry Leading Manufacturer’s Warranty—Unconditional 30 days Money-back. Our mini Arcade continued to gain competitor’s malicious bad reviews, reassure customers please, Guarantee 180 day full product warranty against defects.


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