Hugo Mobility 721-785 Hugo Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches, Medium Adult

Price: $23.90
(as of Nov 09,2019 23:16:27 UTC – Details)

Fitting Guide : 1. CRUTCH HEIGHT: To foot-piece clockwise 1/4″, and pull the foot-piece down until the bottom is at the desired patient height. Rotate the foot-piece counter-clockwise to lock leg in place . 2. HANDGRIP: Adjust the handgrip so there is a slight bend at the patient’s elbow (approximatively 10o). Set and tighten the adjusting bolts . 3. CHECK FIT: With the bottom of the crutches slightly outside and in front of the patient’s feet, the patient should be able to lean forward comfortably, resting on the underarm supports. Crutches should not be so long that the patient must stand completely erect . CAUTION: Have your doctor or therapist demonstrate the proper use. Replace the crutch tips with the proper size if they should become worn. Periodically check the tightness of the hand grip wing nuts. If crutch becomes damaged replace immediately. Be careful when walking on wet or slippery surfaces

Hugo medium adult size, adjustable crutches can accommodate a user height of 5′ 2″ to 5′ 10″ and feature dual push-button adjustments
Contoured crutch tips that feature a curved stair deflector at their tip, provide exceptional traction while a built in metal ring protects against premature wear
Hugo Crutches feature thick cushioned underarm pads. Integrated metal ring prevents premature wear
Washable hand grips made from a natural sponge cushioning absorb impact shock and are perspiration resistant

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