Arts & Crafts Supply Center Complete with 20 Filled Drawers of Craft Materials

Arts & Crafts Supply Center Complete with 20 Filled Drawers of Craft Materials

Price: $49.99
(as of Jun 20,2021 07:32:47 UTC – Details)

CRAFTASTIC Arts & Craft Supply Organizer
This 20 draw organizer keeps things neat, with easy access. Each draw is packed with hundreds of creative art & craft supplies! Sparkly Glitters, Stickers, Glues, Sticks and Foams and much more. This item is recommended for homes, playgroups, schools, office and all your organizing needs. Children ages 5 and Up will be able to be creative and use their art skills in an orderly, no-mess fashion. Start having fun without having to clean up every time!!

Included in this set is:

1) Foil Shapes (40 Gram)
2) Pom Pom (50 Pieces)
3) Colored Pop Sticks (30 Pieces)
4) Gem Stone Shapes (40 Gram)
5) Markers (10 Pieces)
6) Glitter Glue (8 Pieces)
7) Glue Tubes (8 Pieces)
8) Colored Pencils (10 Pieces)
9) Glitter Pom Poms (50 Pieces)
10) Bows (20 Pieces)
11) Stickers (10 Sheets)
12) Pipe Cleaners (36 Pieces)
13) Google Eyes (20 Gram)
14) Alphabet Felt (10 Gram)
15) Foam Stickers (10 Gram)
16) Felt Stickers (10 Gram)
17) Feathers (10 Gram)
18) Colorful Buttons (50 Gram)
19) Small Plastic Shapes (50 Gram)
20) Gem Flowers (40 Gram).

RED ORGANIZER 15”X7.5”X6” arts N crafts supply center with 20 drawers to keep crafts organized
TONS OF SUPPLIES & ready to use crafts, Felts Pom-poms Google eyes ABC stickers Crystals Pipe cleaners And much more.
MOTIVATION & CREATIVITY organized supply center encourages kids to be creative and do projects that will boost self esteem.
ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Create Collages, Googly Eyed Mini Monsters, Frames, Cards and More
FOR HOMES, kindergartens of Schools. Great for Rainy Days and Parties!