Amazon Echo Input | Add Alexa to any speaker

The Amazon Echo Input is a nifty £35 device which adds Alexa functionality to any speaker in your home. Setup is simple, as we show here, and we follow by reviewing the mic quality and general usability. Certainly if you want to use Amazon’s assistant to play your favourite Spotify tracks, but you don’t want to spunk out over £100 on the Echo Plus or those more premium speakers, then this is a great solution. Just connect the Input to your favourite speaker via the 3.5mm AUX cable bundled in the box, or else pair up using Bluetooth. Job done.

The Alexa assistant is definitely well worth integrating into your home. She can help out when you need essential info, set timers, control your smart home goodies, play media and plenty more besides. Go check out my full Alexa tips and tricks guide over on Recombu for all you need to know.

If you have a great speaker already then I definitely recommend the Echo Input at this low price, if sound quality is high up your list of priorities. It’s not a perfect solution, particularly if your speaker isn’t permanently plugged in, but it works seamlessly when the two are paired.